Beguilers Online

Beguilers Development Begins

The World of Beguilers is filled with beauty, wonder, magic, and instant death by molten plasma oozing from your opponents focuser, unless you're quick of wit and agile as a fox. Whether you choose the path of light, dark, or somewhere in the grey, your journeys are sure to be filled with adventure, and above all loot! Yes! All of the currency within beguilers is back by, and able to be withdrawn via any of our supported cryptocurrencies. Lots of items within the game are also NFT synced, and able to be sold and traded within any ETH back NFT Marketplace, such as OpenSea.

MMORPG style, 3D persistent metaverse. Magic based combat. PVP w/ Karmic Rating System. Unlike most MMORPG, turned based systems, Beguilers will be fast paced, action-packed game play similar to Battle Royal Mode FPS TPS games, ie Fortnite, Apex, Cod, etc. Initial released platform will be Windows PC - Keyboard - Mouse controls, with ports to all other platforms in future releases and updates. - MacOS - Playstation - XBox - GeForce Now & More

Please consider being an early supporter, and purchasing a Founders Coin, or NFT Access Pass to the game. These are limited quantities, and will help us complete the development of the Beguilers Online Universe. In trade, you will receive perminate game access, and monthly loot, including NFT Drops. To get a full picture of where we are all going with your help, please read our Whitepaper & Roadmap.

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